Maritme Hockey Summit

Fredericton –

The biggest hockey symposium in Atlantic Canada’s history will be taking place this August 7-11 in Fredericton, NB. With a Junior division and a Pre-Draft division to showcase players, this Summit will be the hockey event of the Summer! The Summit also includes a Coaching Symposium, Officials Clinic, and Hockey Expo.

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2024 Coaching Symposium

Introducing our 2024 Coaching Symposium, Coaching Hockey in 2024! Join us in Fredericton on August 8th at 8:30 am at the Fredericton Inn for an immersive coaching experience! This event will bring you new training techniques, coaching insights, and connections to a strong community of dedicated professionals in the sport. Coaches attending will hear from our elite lineup of coaches, and from our soon-to-be-named Keynote speaker. You don’t want to miss this. Registration cost: $150.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why attend the Summit?

This premier event offers the best opportunity to showcase your talents to all 12 MHL teams. Participants will benefit from on-ice and off-ice testing, informative classroom sessions, power skating development, and a minimum of three games. The Summit is the first event of its kind to come to the Maritimes—an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Age Divisions?

    • Junior Division 2004-2008. The junior division will be made up of 2004-2008 players, the age range for players eligible for junior hockey in the 2024-2025 season.
    • Pre-Draft Division 2009. The Pre-Draft Division will be made up of 2009 players hoping to be drafted in 2025.

Cost of Registration?

    • The Cost of registration is $545.

Hotel Accommodations?

    • All players are responsible for their own accommodations. The Fredericton Inn has come on board as our accommodation partner, and registration links for hotels will be sent to all players once they have registered to attend the Summit.
    • To view the Fredericton Inn, click here
    • To book, call 506-455-1430 or email scottrell@frederictoninn.nb.ca

Will there be food available for the athletes?

    • Yes, a food option is available for athletes, where home cooked lunch and supper meals will be provided. This can be purchased at registration.

Is the Maritime Hockey Summit open to players outside the region of Atlantic Canada?

    • Yes, anyone is able to register for the Maritime Hockey Summit.

Is there skate sharpening on site?

    • Yes.

Will there be a souvenir shop during the event?

    • Yes, local company Greer’s Graphics will be on-site for all souvenir wear. Hats, hoodies, t-shirts, and more.

How does the draft work, how are players divided up?

    • The draft is based on player performance on Day 1, as well as historical data. The teams are split evenly for fair and good competition. Players are ranked, team GMs and Coaches get a selection based on a lottery held prior, and the order of selection is then determined. The time leading into the event always plays a role in the rankings, as well.

What are some tips for players?

    • Prepare for a long four days with long hours and intense on-ice and off-ice sessions. Lots of dry clothes is important, as well as plenty of socks. Blisters are very common at an event like this. Hydrate. The more you bring the better off you will be. Come to the event well prepared in top fitness.

What happens following the event?

    • Scouting reports and testing results will be submitted to your respective team. If you are not drafted, your report will still be on Neutral Zone Scouting and on Elite Prospects for all teams and scouts to see.

Elite Prospects Special GIFT to players:

    • During the event, you will be asked to sign up for your Elite Prospects profile and one-year membership as part of their sponsorship, this means every player will receive a full one-year membership as part of their registration, valued at $149.99 per year. Elite Prospects will be set up during the event.

Note to parents:

    • Parents will be able to attend the draft and the opening meeting. Normally, parents would be invited to all classrooms and events throughout. Due to the numbers, it will be very difficult to accommodate this. We ask that parents simply attend the draft and opening only. Parents are encouraged and welcome to all on-ice events. If a parent wishes to register for the coaching symposium, as a coach or interested party, that is no problem.