Crushers Partner in Thank You Campaign

Covid-19 has cast a very dark shadow on our world in recent days. However nothing can take away the hope we as Canadians have for a better world. Together, we will get through this, we will find a way, we will come back stronger as a Country and as people.

We want to thank you for your purchase and donation, by purchasing our Thank You Campaign Decals. These decals represent all our thanks for those who go into battle every single day to protect us, heal us, and feed us. Life has changed over the past weeks; but Canadians have come together.

The Thank You Campaign wants you to know, 100% of profits will be donated to organizations, across the country in your region, we want to ensure every part of our country benefits in some small way.

Is there an organization in your community you would like to support with the profits of the THANK YOU Campaign?  100% of the profits after production, taxes, fees and shipping will be sent to an organization in YOUR local community. (*if this selection is left blank, the Fredericton Red Wings will support a local organization on your behalf.

SOME EXAMPLES – Please write in your choice for your community.

  • Fredericton Red Wings
  • Fredericton Resilience Fund
  • Grand Falls Rapids
  • Brooks Bandits
  • Acadie Bathurst Titan
  • Pictou Crushers
  • Barrie Colts
  • VFBC Relief Fund
  • Moisson Montreal
  • or a local association in your community

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